“Our challenge is to fully experience this moment. To know that this instant contains all the possibilities for happiness and love. To not lose these possibilities in expectations of what the future should look like. Putting aside our sense of anticipation, we can live in the sacred space of what is happening now.” Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and David Kessler

HOPE is the anchor to the soul and indeed it is the foundation of all that human species is about! Taking a journey, hoping to reach the destination and going to sleep with the hope to wake up, enrolling to a course with the hope to graduate…

Unfortunately, life comes in all shapes and sizes including experiencing cancer showing up in the lives of the ones we love and care about. These circumstances can produce hopelessness and moments of complete wilderness in someone’s life. We therefore, stand in the gap to offer an understanding heart and helping hand in these distressing times.

As the family of Starlight Oasis of Hope Hospice Movement, we have purposed ourselves to becoming that Starry Light, which will guide and illuminate the path to a never drying Oasis in the wilderness of life, by constantly reviving HOPE of the beloved citizens of “The Kingdom in the Sky”, Lesotho.

We believe our intentionality in collaborating with patients, families and support workers will enable our togetherness to become a beacon of hope into the tomorrow.

HOPE offers various educational and self-help programs to assist patients and their significant others in making decision about their current and future care. Hope program also supports cancer survivors to regain their confidence back and increase their awareness about the possibilities of their new journey.

For more information on the terms and conditions of accessing our training packages, please contact our team.