Palliative care team

The Role of Our Palliative Care Team

We take great care and responsibility of providing quality care for you and your loved ones or your patient very seriously. Our team is committed at all times to adhere to principles of compassionate care, respect, dignity and privacy. That’s why our team is staffed with well-trained professionals who collaborate with your current medical team in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for you, ensuring you are comfortable. In our palliative and hospice services, time is everything and we value our patients and the time we have with them.

We have learnt that in palliative care we sometimes have limited time to make things right and therefore, understanding individual’s priorities and treating them holistically, is the reason why we invest in having a compassionate palliative care team.

The responsibilities of our palliative care team members.

Palliative care team is multidisciplinary in nature, they all work together to make patients’ life better, their family and their healthcare team.

The responsibilities include:

  • Initial and subsequent meetings to establish patient’s needs, concerns, priorities and goals, including the treatment plan they are on.
  • Palliative care team has a member of staff qualified to prescribe medications, treatments and activities to manage pain and cancer related symptoms and side effects.
  • We ensure the patient is comfortable while their medical teams continue to treat the primary illness.
  • We provide ongoing medical, spiritual and psychosocial support throughout the disease journey.
  • Healthcare system can be difficult to navigate through, as part of our focus we guide the patients and families through the system by empowering them with knowledge and guidance.

Starlight Palliative Care team members

The team works tirelessly in collaboration with community team to ensure you are well supported. Therefore, your team will include:

  • Medical doctor
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Social worker

Should the above team have concerns about patient’s situation and circumstances, then appropriate referral will be made to relevant institutions or departments. The team will keep in touch with you or your family to ensure your needs are met.

For further information about palliative care services, get in touch with our team.