About Us

Starlight Oasis of Hope Hospice (SOHH)-Lesotho

As Starlight Oasis of Hope Hospice, we are passionate about good quality of palliative and hospice care to individuals and families affected by life limiting illnesses. We seek to make a difference in the lives of these individuals in the Kingdom of Lesotho.

We endeavour to pursue all options to extend our compassion to intervene, wherever and whenever possible in other people’s moments of deep sorrow, despair, uncertainty and hopelessness and become that ray, ember or glimmer of hope to those who are vulnerable and suffering and in dire need for palliative care in Lesotho.

Our Vision

Our Vision is the basis for all our work. We seek to revive HOPE in patients with cancer together with their loved ones.

We put each individual first and strive to optimise quality of life. Starlight Oasis of Hope Hospice Care Services is the leading provider of specialist palliative care services in our nation. With one voice, one vision, to lobby and advocate palliative and hospice care, offering advice and support to improve the quality of life for individuals, families and carers facing cancer and or other life-limiting illness.

To become the leading palliative care service:

Vision Statement

Starlight Oasis of Hope Hospice provides Hope and Compassion Through Life’s Journey to individuals, families and carers going through their cancer journey.

Our Mission

We advocate for patient-centred holistic care being delivered with compassion, dignity, respect and confidentiality. We strive to empower health care professionals as well as informal carers with essentials of palliative care with the aim to improve quality of care being delivered to cancer patients.

Our guiding principle is that the individual should be cared for and supported to have an informed choice and take control.

Mission Statement

We provide outstanding specialist care and support in order to improve the quality of life for individuals, families and carers. Those accessing our services are treated with respect for their dignity, privacy, beliefs and wishes are taken in to account.

Our Values

We want individuals, patients, their families and carers to be happy with the services we provide and our staff, volunteers and partners to be confident and proud to work with us.


We are committed in working together with our internal and external staff to provide the best outcomes and experience for people using our services.


We demonstrate patience in pursuit to deliver patient-centred care.


We promote a culture where people feel valued and treated with dignity, privacy and respect.


We are supporting individuals and families from point of diagnosis, through the disease journey and beyond.

Strategic Objectives

To enable the Starlight to advocate and lobby for better palliative care in Lesotho, the Starlight strategic objectives are to:

  1. Support global advocacy organisations and other initiatives seeking to develop palliative care in resource poor countries around the world
  2. Be a strong, successful and sustainable organisation focused on palliative care
  3. Through education to Increase awareness, knowledge and skills related to palliative care for health care workers, the public and volunteers
  4. Improve and strengthen the ways we engage with our members
  5. Support and disseminate research and development on all aspects of palliative care
  6. Support and lobby for the growth and integration of palliative care in districts throughout Lesotho
  7. Support the development and progression of palliative care education for all of those working in palliative care
  8. Acknowledge the importance of the role of palliative care policy development and be an effective and powerful advocate for access to, and improvement of palliative care throughout Lesotho
  9. Participate in the ongoing development of palliative care leadership nationally
  10. Collaborate effectively with affiliated organisations and seek opportunities to foster new collaborations and partnerships