Covid-19 Response

Covid-19 Response


Your care is our priority. The spread of COVID -19 virus over and above causing infection, causes great fear and panic in individuals, families, communities and nations.

As Starlight Oasis of Hope Hospice (SOHH) we deliver both palliative and hospice services, we endeavour to pursue all options to extend our compassion to intervene wherever and whenever possible in other people’s moments of fear, deep sorrow, despair, uncertainty and hopelessness. We have purposed ourselves to be that ray, ember or glimmer of HOPE to those who are vulnerable and suffering from life limiting and life threatening illnesses.

Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 is in our midst and indeed it is a global health crisis for this season of our humanity. Our livelihoods and our world are changing rapidly in front of us. It becomes a daily determination to adapt to our new ways of living. COVID-19 has suddenly overtaken pre-existing health problems and claimed lives. It is an undeniable truth that COVID-19 has magnified the strengths and weaknesses in our systems, it has also confirmed that palliative care remains a relevant component of Universal Health Coverage.

Chief Executive Officer and the Founder

Mrs Tebello Malichaba Lepheane

Starlight Oasis of Hope Hospice