Education & Training

Education & Training


As much as we believe knowledge is power, we also can’t ignore the truth that potential and greatness lies in every person. As human species, we are all learners and teachers at the same time. Starlight will create an environment where knowledge sharing becomes possible where facilitators learn from participants and vice versa. We believe we can contribute to our clients’ Personal and Professional Development (PPD) through “All teach, all learn” atmosphere that we are committed to.

Through our individual and collective experience, we humbly appreciate that knowledge distribution in the areas of cancer care, palliative and hospice is essential considering the increasing cancer burden within communities. We have a deep conviction which drives our unwavering commitment towards capacity building, knowledge distribution and mentoring of health care professionals, health institutions, community health teams, patients and their families as well as any other relevant public groups not necessarily in the health arena.

We have various training options on our menu, our intended training is for our esteemed Healthcare Professions (HCP), Community Health Teams, Patients and their families, cancer survivors and general public. With our outcome-focused approach, we design trainings which are customised to fit the needs on demand. We provide EQUIP, HOPE, DNA, Health and Safety training programs and many more. Book appointment

As we democratise and decentralise knowledge throughout the Kingdom of Lesotho, our main aim is to see change of mindset and consequently change of practice which will yield quality of care to cancer patients and their loved ones. There is a link as care delivered will demonstrate compassion, dignity and respect for our clients..

For more information on the terms and conditions of accessing our training packages, please contact our team.