Palliative programs and services

Palliative programs and services

The intention of our palliative care services is to make patients as comfortable as possible. While tertiary healthcare services continue to treat the disease, either through surgery, radiotherapy and or chemotherapy, as Starlight we manage the pain, other symptoms and side-effects of the treatments. In other words: we exist to make your life better.

Starlight Oasis of Hope Hospice services: we’re here to maximize comfort.

Addressing the distresses which cancer patients experience is what motivates us to carry on with our job daily for we are determined to reverse their suffering by promoting quality of life through increasing accessibility of much needed medication responsible to keep them comfortable. Initial interaction with patient and family is very important as it sets the foundation for the future interactions. Mutual understanding of what the patients’ desires and priorities are, enables us to look after them in a way that will ensure they are comfortable.

We believe when an individual is spiritually and psychosocially stable, they have a better resilience to go through their cancer journey better armed and we are here to walk by those affected.

Coming to the patient.

One way which enables us to keep up with our commitment, is by availing ourselves to patients regardless of where they are. We come to any place the patients’ calls home; being it hospital or home in the village.

Responding quickly.

We have clear communication lines to enable professionals and the members of the public to easily access our services. We are committed in responding promptly once we receive referral or request for advice. Ways to get in touch are via communications options on the bar found on the homepage.

Dealing with all needs.

We embrace a supermarket approach when it comes to all our programs. Our palliative care program is based on holistic care principles such as dealing with an individual as a whole; taking into consideration their physical needs, spiritual and psychosocial needs too. Therefore, we are in a constant pursuit to explore partnerships and collaboration networks which will facilitate us to achieve best outcomes for the best interest of the patients and families.

In palliative care, we value time and an encounter with the patients as this gives us an opportunity to build an empowering and well-balanced relationships. Good rapport from the onset of our interaction with the patients is very essential as it enables us to deliver relationship-centred care to ensure we understand their priorities of care.

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